A Badge of Honor Podcast

Former Secret Service LEO Samantha Horwitz and former NYPD Detective John Salerno host A Badge of Honor Podcast to highlight Post Traumatic Stress Injury recovery, wellness, and resiliency possible through training and support.

Their organization by the same name works with police department mental health liasons and critical incidence management teams to provide workshops that are pivotal to successful lives and families in our communities. Call 469-232-7894 or go to ABadgeOfHonor.com to start a workshop or sponsor an officer in your hometown!

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 Work With A Badge of Honor


It is possible to recover from PTSI, because it’s an injury and not a permanent disorder. John, Samantha, and Jeff have all been there. Collectively, they survived multiple suicide attempts and suicidal ideations. They understand the STIGMA that goes along with asking for help. They’ve also experienced the FREEDOM from “breaking through” the STIGMA and finding the help they needed to survive. They are here to help you. Whether you are the Chief of Police or a new fire cadet, you’ve likely experienced and / or identified PTSI within your departments. John, Samantha, and Jeff will help you identify PTSI and offer REAL solutions that you can use whenever the stress and anxiety rears it’s ugly head, which means:

  • More resilience

  • Increased morale

  • Better job performance

  • Effective communication

Contact A Badge of Honor today, bring our workshop to your department and be a part of the solution to help end the STIGMA that is killing our first responders. Remember, it’s okay not to be okay…It’s just not okay to stay there. Email [email protected] for more information.