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            American values, voices and stories that
inspire and motivate.

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Big Ideas Small Business TV

Big Ideas Small Business TV

Host and Executive Business Coach Doreen Milano talks with Farmer’s Insurance Agent Joe Cotter to discuss the ins and outs of your insurance coverage so you can make educated decisions.

Leading Leaders

Leading Leaders

Leading Leaders​Leading Leaders Podcasts promotes faith, family, and freedom in the face of a global leadership...

Euan, Me, & The ISD Podcast

Euan, Me, & The ISD Podcast

Host and Educator Euan Blackman talks with Dr. Bill Parker, USMC, former RN, instructor, and now running for Allen ISD Board Trustee Place 7. Dr. Bill’s vast experience positions him to make great decisions for the district. During a time when national politics has swamped our local communities causing great division, Dr. Bill is motivated to end the polarity for the good of the students.

Biz Pointz Podcast

Biz Pointz Podcast

Biz Pointz PodcastBusiness Consultant and Host of Biz Pointz TV & Podcast Larry Kortkamp talks with local DFW and...

The Health Engineer Podcast

The Health Engineer Podcast

The Health Engineer Podcast  Work With Clint To work with local DFW fitness celebrity and health activist Clint Fuqua,...

A Badge of Honor

A Badge of Honor

A Badge of Honor PodcastFormer Secret Service LEO Samantha Horwitz and former NYPD Detective John Salerno host A Badge...