The Michael Chavez Podcast:

Ever feel like you got up on the WRONG side of the bed? Life’s too short, don’t waste a minute of it! Welcome to The Michael Chavez Podcast, and discover what it’s like on the OTHER side of the bed.

You’re not alone, you’re not ‘less’ than anyone else, and you can do anything you put your mind to – but you might appreciate a little guidance or a nudge in the right direction. Enjoy the show, and leave me a review!

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Michael Chavez


Michael Chavez is a PGI Consultant and Life Coach dedicated to helping you overcome obstacles and create successful habits. Over his 18 years in the United States Navy, he spent 6 ½ years at sea aboard 4 ships, advancing through the ranks to E7, retiring as a Chief Petty Officer in 2003, and moving to DFW. Since then, he worked for Pitney Bowes, Raytheon, BNSF, and then went on to become an Limited Medical Radiologic Technologist, and ended this work experience with G4S security. It was this experience that prompted him to start his own business in personal development. “Each of us deal with adversity and challenges everyday, but these challenges are not there for any other reason but to teach us who we are.”

KinSpired Goal Setters is about YOU achieving YOUR dreams and goals. Michael is here to help. Reach out to tell your story at 682-365-2078.